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BRIAN MARLEY  was born in Newcastle-upon-Tyne. Having begun to write poetry in his early teens, he was soon publishing widely in small press magazines in the UK and elsewhere. He edited the imprint Laundering Room Press between 1974-77. By 1982 he’d switched from poetry to prose and there he remains. His photographic work has been exhibited in Brighton and Newcastle-upon-Tyne.

Brian Marley

In a Westminster café-cum-courtroom, Jimmy Inkling is on trial, perhaps for his life. Unless, of course, he’s dead already. But will that be enough to prevent him from eliminating those who give evidence against him?

"A wild literary romp, skilfully and inventively sustained against all odds. Thomas Nashe and Laurence Sterne would probably have approved, along with GK Chesterton."
– DAVID MILLER (author of Towards a Menagerie, Chax Press)

978-1-874400-73-8  318pp  APRIL 2019   £10 (UK)


Review by SkylightRain


KEN EDWARDS  is a writer and musician. His many books are listed on his personal website/blog. He ran the small press REALITY STREET, which published more than 60 titles comprising mainly poetry but also other sorts of imaginative writing, between 1993-2016. Reality Street continues, but no longer publishes new titles. These days Ken plays bass guitar with the St Leonards-based band Afrit Nebula.

Ken Edwards

1970s London: short-life communal living, the beginnings of the alt-poetry scene, not forgetting sex, drugs and rock’n’roll. Forty years on: where have the wild metrics of those days taken us?This prose extravaganza dives into the inscrutable forking paths of memory, questions what poetry is, and concludes that the author cannot know what he is doing. Among the cast of characters are a Rock Star who has become a national treasure, a bunch of poets and writers, some now legends, and assorted other misfits and malcontents. Some names have been changed.

"As you might expect, there is some sex, a few drugs, some rock ’n roll, but none that seem as satisfying as the final section, which is essentially a series of brief essays about life, poetry and everything. It’s in these final pages that it becomes most explicitly apparent that as much as it’s a book of memories this a book about the nature of memory.... I think it should also have appeal for anyone interested in the history of ‘alternative’ poetries, of social living, of London, of that time in British life when the SS meant the social security office you had to attend every week or two to ‘sign on’ for unemployment benefit; for anyone who wants to know ‘what was it like?’ Ken Edwards should know. After all, he was there." – AIDAN HIGGINS

978-1-874400-74-5  244pp  APRIL 2019   £10 (UK)


Review by Aidan Higgins (Litter magazine)

Review by Angela Phillip

Review by SkylightRain