Introducing Grand Iota ...

GRAND IOTA, an independent press based in the UK, established in 2019, is dedicated to imaginative prose writing.

We aim to publish books that are out of the ordinary, hard to categorise but good to read.

To find out more about our upcoming books, AND TO SUBSCRIBE IN ADVANCE please visit our Forthcoming page.

GRAND IOTA is an imprint of Reality Street, and is run by Brian Marley and Ken Edwards. We have no paid staff and no funding. But if you would like to make a donation, we'd be very grateful.

No more submissions

Grand Iota launched in May 2019 and has since published nine books – novels, memoirs, short fiction – by Barbara Guest, Fanny Howe, Toby Olson, Alan Singer, Philip Terry and the press’s founders Brian Marley and Ken Edwards. Our family of readers and fans is growing daily.

We do want to ensure we publish exciting and innovative new work by a range of authors, and to that end we have thrown open our window for submissions twice – in May 2020 and June 2021. The 2021 window has now closed. Thank you everyone who submitted manuscripts – we will consider them carefully and make sure we reply to all the authors  (something that is, alas, not common these days). We hope to find a great book or two in there. Please understand, though, that we can't enter into correspondence about rejection.

As a tiny independent press without paid staff we can't be permanently open to submissions, but rest assured that we will look to having another open window in the future. In the meantime, we urge potential Grand Iota authors to continue to buy and read our books.