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Our pre-order subscription scheme enables readers to support Grand Iota and receive copies of our new titles before publication. Pre-order subscribers have the option to have their name printed in the back of the books.

Our first offering for 2024 is also our first ever photo-fiction book. On Reflection, by Grand Iota's co-founder Brian Marley, will be a superlative production, including 25 colour photos with a text alongside each, printed on art paper. Read more about the book below.

We are pleased to announce that it attracted 42 pre-order subscribers, who will be receiving their copies in February, ahead of the publication date. The book will be released to the rest of the world, both on this website and in the retail trade, on 1 March 2024, at a price of £20 (UK) or $25 (US) plus postage & packing where appropriate.

Brian Marley writes: The project began in earnest in 2016. I was photographing something (can’t remember what) in a shop window and my reflection kept intruding annoyingly into the picture frame; so I decided that if I couldn’t keep it out of sight, I’d feature it instead – dead centre in most cases, or nearabouts. Because of my static and rather banal presence in each of the pics, attention is thrown onto the pic's surrounding details and the circumstances of capture.

Brian Marley

Brian Marley is best known for his absurdist novel Apropos Jimmy Inkling and for his riotous collection of short fictions The Shenanigans. On Reflection is something different. In his other guise as a photographer, Marley presents a sequence of images, mainly shot through glass (typically shop windows), in various locations. But our attention is distracted from the ostensible content of each photo by the reflected presence of a man, often wearing a hat, sometimes barely visible, always disruptive. That’s the photographer himself, normally the one element absent from photographs (selfies aside), caught in the act of taking the picture we’re looking at. And associated with each image is a text: a micro-story. The first begins: “Catching sight of himself makes him feel physically ill, so he takes pains to avoid mirrors. But despite his best efforts he sees himself everywhere he looks.” From which point the absurdities multiply, to tragicomic effect.

"Debunking the selfie, self-image and the auto-portrait, these are self-portraits in disguise. The images, self-reflexive and reflective – as are the texts – guide us through a series of locations designed to show how reflection works on multiple levels when photographing through glass, touching on Situationism and, with mordant humour, the death of the author." – Rosa Woolf Ainley

60pp (203mm x 203mm, full colour on art paper)
MARCH 2024

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Reality Street/Grand Iota has acquired the rights to this classic study of American culture, long out of print. More news very soon about it, and about other books to come.

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ALMANACH by Sharon Kivland

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