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Our two new titles in the latter half of 2021 are Greater London, a novel by James Russell and The Man Who Would Not Bow, a collection of stories by Askold Melnyczuk. Read about them below.

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James Russell

This tells the life-story of Leo Barber, a celebrity across several domains. He first finds fame during the 1975 referendum on the UK’s membership of the Common Market (as it was then), by inventing a character called Jimmy Paxton, a faux-innocent, rabble-rousing xenophobe. Later in life he passes himself off as a poet, whose poems were in fact generated by computer in his brother’s laboratory. Later still he “authors” a book on the neuroscience of the creative mind, about which he knows nothing (though luckily his clever, put-upon brother does). But, despicable though he is, who would have thought he’d stoop to murder? We hear about all this in Leo’s own voice – discursive, opinionated, vulnerable, comic, often sympathetic. Not the voice or mind of a natural villain.

978-1-874400-82-0  276pp  OCTOBER 2021

& Other Stories
Askold Melnyczuk

Eight stories by the US-based author of five previous novels/novellas and founder of Arrowsmith Press. The cast of characters includes a journalist in a Middle Eastern war zone, an unemployed actor struggling with elder care, members of a commune planning to kidnap a priest, a torturer’s mother and, finally, Nikolai Gogol wrestling with his angels and demons.

Askold Melnyczuk fascinates me with his cartography, mapping the contours of consciousness and spirit across the centuries. The spectrum of his sensibilities always delights and seduces, or provokes and puzzles. Like his Ukrainian forbearer Gogol, Melnyczuk can summon forth the grotesqueries of continental mysticism, and switch lenses to deliver his readers into a contemporary DeLillo-esque realm of cold but metaphysically ambiguous realism. He's a literary chameleon, and irresistible. – Bob Shacochis

978-1-874400-83-7  194pp  OCTOBER 2021